mods and games and games and mods

mods! they’re wonderful, and i’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time on the nexus putting together my ideal combination of mods. more than that, thinking about how i’d tweak games i already play has been one of the more productive game development exercises i’ve found because it’s a fun way of thinking through why developers (or modders) make certain design decisions. here’s a collection of random mod ideas i’ve had, as well some of the notes and sketches that went into the Shadowrun project i wrote about earlier.

first are my little notes on XCOM (enemy unknown). it’s funny how some/many of these things were eventually made by other people or else were incorporated into the sequel/expansions.

here are my various Shadowrun Identity notes and map ideas for Domestic Placement Agent

probably the biggest idea i had for a mod was for a Fallout 3 overhaul that i started thinking a lot about after playing through the Calvert family storyline in the Point Lookout expansion. i moved to DC the same month i started playing Fallout 3 for the first time, so i mostly learned to navigate the city according to its post-apocalyptic version. i found it especially funny that the fictional capital wasteland was more egalitarian than the actual city, because the videogame version included a metro stop in georgetown, something that the poshos in real-life georgetown wouldn’t have allowed in a thousand on thousand years.

finally, here’s an idea for a game i came up with during some sort of game jam thing but obviously never completed.

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