Bubbler, Chillum, and the LaZerBear Market

enough of old things i never finished! on to the glorious new things that i’m actually working on! in this post i’ll introduce some of the starring characters in my game (which has the working title LaZerBear Market, or LZBM for short).

that cheerful individual you see up top there is the titular LaZerBear, the world-renowned mascot of a chain of automat convenience shops in the near-future setting of the game. the market’s tagline is ‘Your Favorite Place in Space!’ (that’s a little architecture joke for you 😉) though as of now they only have one non-terrestrial location.

LaZerBear is frequently seen in the company of dankbot, a mobile vending machine that sells cannabis-derived products around town (in the LaZerBear universe, cannabis was legalized alongside alcohol in 1933, part of the alternate history in the LaZerBear universe). one version of dankbot can be found on twitter, and below you can see some of the different versions that i’ve sketched out. dankbot is the first playable character of LZBM.

other characters include Bubbler and Chillum, a pair of cats that are best friends. The concept of B+C developed out of an illustration I did long ago imagining a goofy 90s-esque sidescroller in the vein of ToeJam and Earl called Bubbler and Chillum: Bongs of War. Even as cats, their respective body shapes are supposed to reflect the paraphernalia that inspired their names.

while LZBM will have a robust single-player experience, at its heart it’s a party game, and there are a number of other unlockable characters to play, mainly based on various natural phenomena, and each with their own special abilities and strengths

one important feature of LZBM is a large amusement park/golf course/race track modeled off the solar system, which has gone through various iterations while sketching. look closely and you’ll see the concept art for the version where a giant animatronic wizard uses magic to make the sun glow

finally, i shall leave you with this scale drawing of a multi-necked bong-spaceship

Image (2)

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