wine review! 2016 Tesco Côtes de Provence Rosé

before i moved to the UK i only knew of Tesco as the place that sells horse meat in its hamburgers, but now that i live here i found out they also sell wine. tesco wines really highlight the classist connotations of wine drinking because they sell any number of wonderful wines and grape varieties under their ‘tesco’s finest’ label, but at the same time, if you brought a bottle of tesco’s finest to someone’s dinner party it would probably seem like you’re kind of cheap even though it could be completely delicious and better than any number of more expensive bottles. this particular bottle (partially just because it’s Provençal) is definitely much tastier than most of the rosés that were on the shelf with it.

anyways, the back label describes it this way:

Delicious stone fruit flavours are balanced with notes of fresh strawberries and redcurrants to create this crisp, delicate and dry wine with its signature pink pale colour.

‘strawberry’ is usually a red flag (lol 🍓) for me when choosing rosé because that generally means it’s gonna be on the sweeter side, but a ‘sweet’ Provençal rosé is still gonna be drier than most which is one of the nice characteristics of this region. i sort of get what they mean with the redcurrant because the beginning of it is juicy without being sharp or tart; i’d almost call it watery if that didn’t sound like a bad thing. it does end with the refreshing dryness i like in a rosé, but the whole thing is still a tiny bit too fruity for my tastes.

overall it’s mostly nice, and for £6.50 i’m happy with it. if this was the middle of summer instead of the end of january, i would easily buy a few bottles for a lazy sunday party or something. this would definitely be a fun bottle to compare to a Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence rosé because it’s tasty but also clearly lacking some of the mineraly limestone flavor that (imo) defines Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence wines.

finally, for an extra special treat below you can see the bottle pictured next to my roses, who are only just waking up from their wintertime sleep ❄🌹😴


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