wine review! 2016 Tesco Picpoul de Pinet

i got this to sauté some spinach with salmon while knowing nothing about the grape, and now i’m not so sure it’ll work even though i enjoy it quite a bit. the recipe just called for ‘dry white wine’, which i took this to be based on the tasting notes on the shelf, but now that i’ve tried it, ‘dry’ is definitely not a word i’d use to describe it. i’ll add an update later once i’ve actually cooked the spinach, but for now, on to the wine.

the back of the bottle describes it as having ‘citrus and lime flavours’ which is sort of true but also misleading because i took that to mean it’d be sharp or tart. instead it’s juicy and just bordering on sweet. when i first sniffed it i thought of lime Lifesavers or SweeTarts (which are more sweet than tart). that’s not a bad thing because it’s actually quite drinkable and not at all cloying, but it is a good lesson in the ambiguity of mass-market taste descriptors. while my favorite whites are dry and mineral-y, this is quite yummy and i’d favorably compare it to a Grüner Veltliner but with lime notes instead of green apple.

[ok time to cook. i’ll come back and finish this after dinner.]

update! it was fuckin delicious. i guess the spinach would have been a little more nuanced if it was a drier wine but the citrus in the wine went very well with the lemon zest in the sauce and if i had been patient enough to reduce it all the way it would have had a very nice texture. i also cured the salmon in a wonderful mix that maybe i’ll actually write down a recipe for some time.

short version, i like this wine and am curious to try more of this grape.

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