wine review! 2016 Nederburg 56 Hundred Pinot Noir

just as a matter of facticity i know most about French wines, so i tend to ‘like’ French wine the most because on any given shelf or menu i have a better idea of what i’m getting. so (for example) while i can say definitively that i tend to like French pinot noirs more than Californian ones because i feel comfortable enough in my understanding of the distinctive features of those regions/varietals, i don’t really know much about South African wines in general or South African pinot noirs in particular. this is definitely not the first South African PN i’ve ever had, but it is the first i’ve bothered to write down my thoughts about, and overall i’m enjoying it.

the bottle has some goofy copy on the front:

Honouring the vision of Philippus Wolvaart who paid 5600 guilders for the land he was to call Nederburg.

i don’t really know much about the history of South African wine production but uh, honoring the ‘vision’ of a colonial settler seems not great to me. so, yeah, i guess “this winery was founded by somebody who was almost certainly a horrible racist” might be a selling point for some british people but it seems like maybe they should try something else.

anyways, this one has a nice color and satisfying spice/dryness at the end. i tend to like plum flavors more than cherry and i actually don’t generally like spice in a PN, but on its own (ie not comparing it to other PNs) i quite like it. it would definitely be fun to have with duck as i can imagine it going quite well. obviously i’ve never cooked duck myself because i’m terrified of fucking it up, since i’m already fairly bad at cooking chicken, but maybe some day i’ll give it a try.

on a scale of 1-5, i’d give it a 3.5. so like, i’d happily buy it again for particular dishes or situations, but for a pound more you can get the Bicicleta Pinot Noir from Chile, which is my go-to PN for general use drinkin’ because it’s a little closer to my overall favorite experience for the grape. also they don’t celebrate the genocidal legacy of colonialism right on the bottle.

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