wine review! 2016 Four Growers Chardonnay

i didn’t read any tasting notes beforehand because this was the complimentary wine at a film screening/discussion. so this review is 100% just based on my palate/tasting vocab. i also didn’t get good photos of the labels because i already looked like a weirdo taking just the one.

These are the notes i jotted down because there was no service there to post this directly:

apple, full, oak, a slight woody sharpness

very apple, as in like apple juice (not in a bad way)

i like this quite a lot. the taste of apple and wood is so strong that it almost reminds me of a flat/dry cider or even bourbon. obviously the texture is much lighter than either of those but i like the comparison (and this wine) because it connotes a particular kind of sharpness that i don’t usually associate with chardonnay.

5/5 would definitely drink for free again.

also the films were neat

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