beer review! 3 beers i got today

Magic Rock Brewing Sour Passion Mango & Passion Fruit Gose

i really like the can but i like all their cans. (also i like this liquor store because of how many goses they have, which i love but lots of people don’t)

sour, tastes sorta candy-y, i don’t looooooooooove the fruit flavors even though it smells nice. i think i’d like it better if it was just passion fruit and also had more salt. the head is nice, not big but creamy enough that you get sort of a lime meringue/key lime pie effect if you swish it. 3.5/5 but i probably wouldn’t get it again because it’s just not enough of what i like in a gose. i still really like the can tho.

[eta] it gets better as it goes along but there’s still a sickly sweet undercurrent that i think probably comes from the mango, as it’s something i’ve noticed in a variety of mango-flavored things.

Pilot Beer North Sea and Liquorice Milk Stout

full disclosure i’m a little biased because this is a local brewery that’s just down the road behind the big Tesco.

anyways, this beer is fuckin’ delicious. a nice head, not too big on the bubbles but also not super fine or creamy, which is just right for the texture: magically silky with just the slightest effervescence.

the best part is how the various special ingredients come together, because the combination of lactose, licorice, sea water, and the usual stout maltiness give it a wonderful sea-salt-and-chocolate finish while also somehow being herbal and fresh. it sort of reminds me of a chocolate stout milkshake but way better because you get a whole glass of beer and the milkiness doesn’t leave your mouth feeling filmy or heavy. the sea water does more work than i expected and i was pleasantly surprised because it’s way more than just a gimmick ingredient.

seriously this is so delicious. new favorite stout probably. 5/5

Brewdog Choco Libre Mexican Chocolate Imperial Stout

i was excited to see this because i’ve been waiting for a new round of Brewdog to appear in the shops (aside from the usuals). it’s definitely tasty and a very nice beer to end the night with but i have to admit that after the North Sea it’s noticeably less complex.

i guess that’s sort of to be expected with an imperial stout but i’m a tiny bit disappointed because the ‘Mexican chocolate’ part of it made me expect cinnamon notes a la Mexican hot chocolate but the ‘spices’ they mention on the label are a little overwhelmed by the chocolate and habanero. it’s sweet in a subtle way that contains the booze without being cloying and the chocolate aftertaste is pleasant. i think i was hoping for something slightly creamier to the point of being a dessert beer but it’s more something to pair with red meat, like a chocolate/espresso-rubbed steak.

short version it didn’t do everything i wanted it to based on the label but it’s still very good and another in the line of Brewdog’s eminently drinkable high-gravity beers, which imo is one of their strong suits. 4/5 would definitely get again.

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