beer and candy review! Thornbridge Tart Bakewell Sour and Tesco Strawberry Flavour Lances

the beer:

golden honey color just hinting at red; you can definitely imagine pastry, especially with the nose and beginning, the sour really comes through after and is nice and fizzy.

the candy:
20180220_174308575823263.jpgwtf is this name? they don’t have gummy worms here, first of all, just gummy snakes, and then Tesco sort of uses a snake in all its tubular gummy things, like laces and ‘straws’ which are gross because they have the fake milk flavor.

the strawberry flavor comes through but it’s diminshed by the slightly plastic taste, which is what makes the strawberry laces good/gives them the right snap but here it’s a little disappointing; definitely not sour compared to the sour beer but the sugar/acid layer is satisfying — taking a moment to mourn real sour skittles that had all the sour dust and not these smooth-shelled impostors —

the biggest disapointment, obviously, is that the ‘lances’ aren’t hollow like the gross strawberry-n-milk straws so i couldn’t actually drink the beer through the candy. nevertheless, the combo works because the candy brings out the more vegetal/wheat/yeast notes of the beer while the sour fizz of the beer cleans the chewey plasticine from your mouth. good combo would recommend but maybe different brand o’ sour candy

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