beer review! M&S beers i got for £1

these were only a pound each, so, yeah.

Sorachi Saison:

according to the fiancee: kind of one note (maybe too cold). I don’t really like the lemon. Orange is ok but it’s too zesty for me.

according to me: definitely saison-y in that kind of funk way. sour straw/grain flavor. preserved lemons? i’d like it more if it was just a gose.

Flat White Porter:

Suuuuuuuuper coffee nose, kind of gasoline or varnish notes (not a bad thing neccesarily), but the ‘flat white’ part seems less prominent in that it’s not really creamy at all. The aftertaste is sharp espresso with a little maltiness i suppose. Not mind blowing but also not bad at all and for a pound it’s like, leagues ahead of other stouts in terms of complexity. i’d prolly get it again if i wanted a strong tasting stout that was still drinkable in warm weather.

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