Loveburgh CBD Citrus Vape

is great! i got it a little while ago and have been meaning to write about it but it sort of just slipped my mind.

as i’ve written previously, i love weed, and my favorite strain is Critical Kush precisely because of its high CBD content. i haven’t been able to smoke in a while but i wanted something that could at the very least approximate some of the pain-and-anxiety relief i get from weed, and vaping CBD has turned out to be just the thing.

the main thing almost everyone writing about CBD will tell you is that ‘it doesn’t get you high’, which, ok, yeah sure it doesn’t induce the same kind of ‘head high’ or lateral thinking that i get from THC, but getting almost instant pain relief and a marked reduction in my anxiety sure as fuck feels like a kind of high to me. as i’ve noted before, CBD on its own doesn’t replace weed, particularly as it relates to doing creative work (i like smoking while i write) but it does make me feel comfortable enough to work in the first place, and has done wonders for my extensive collection of repetitive strain injuries.

i got this bottle online from ScotHemp, but since then i’ve seen people selling Loveburgh stuff around town. this is only the second CBD vape juice that i’ve tried, but it’s extremely good and leagues better than the first one. the first one i ever tried was mango flavored and kind of cheap, with distinctly plastic-y undercurrents. almost immediately i could tell that the Loveburgh fluid was of a dramatically higher quality. it’s ‘citrus’ flavor, which in practice means a kind of woody lemon. it’s not overly sweet but the citrus scent is nice and crisp, and the vapor is wonderfully smooth. from start to finish it just tastes ‘natural’, in that you can only ever taste food flavors, with none of ‘chemical’ notes that i’ve gotten from a lot of different flavored vapes.

i’m still on my first bottle but i think next i’m going to try their Cedar Blend because i’m really curious what a more savory flavor might be like. i really can’t overstate how high quality this is. like, i prefer to use soap from Lush and i sort of feel like in terms of vape fluid Loveburgh is a comparable operation in terms of quality ingredients and execution.


[bottle pictured above with my Scottish nationalism Pusheen]

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