beer review World Cup semi-final edition! : Westmalle Trappist Dubbel

in honor of France vs. Belgium today i decided to have some appropriate drinks and first up is some Belgian beer!

according to the label,

This dark reddish Dubbel is brewed within the walls of a Trappist abbey on a small scale under the supervision of the monks. The income is used for their daily life and to maintain the Abbey. A major share of the profits is donated to charities. This living beer ferments again in the bottle. Store the bottle in an upright position. Serve at 8 to 14 C, carefully pouring from the bottle to a glass and leaving the yeast behind in the bottom of the bottle. You may wish to taste the yeast separately.


this beer has a nice fluffy head, and tastes kind of sweet almost like dark sour cherries. i was a teeny bit worried it would be overly sweet b/c in my experience dubbels are sometimes a little too cloying but this is a nice balance for the alcohol percentage.

i did what the bottle said and tried the yeast separately, or at least, i poured the last little bit into a separate glass and tried it on its own. it was definitely different than the rest of the beer, a little drier and vegetal with less of the sour cherry notes.


anyways, i like this beer! it’s not my favorite, and wouldn’t replace a proper sour (or porter or stout if i want dark beer) but it is pleasant and i guess if you are inclined to like dubbels already then i’d recommend this one? 4/5 although i probably won’t be getting it too often

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