beer review! : Fierce Beer Tart Night Sour Black IPA

muahahahaha time for another sour! i love sours! i have the palate of a child!

for reals tho sours and goses are on the whole my favorite kind of beer, (followed by stouts and porters) so i was very excited to find this, which is a sour black ipa combining sour brightness with some demon blood colored abyssal liquid.

according to the label,

‘Tart Night’ is a great take on our regular Black IPA ‘Night Shift’, which we kettle soured before throwing a massive haul of dry hops in. Roasty, juicy, hoppy, sour – it can’t possibly work… Can it?


fun fact: the website says it’s 6.5% ABV but the can i got says 7.0%.

also here’s some more marketing copy about Fierce Beer:


so on to the actual review, which i wrote in realtime as i drank it:

ahhhhhhhh this beer is so weird! it’s like sour licorice and blackberries or something! i love it but probably could not have more than like one a month because the combination is just so odd. i feel like it would be nice to try with a steak but i honestly can’t imagine what kind of preparation would work best because this beer is all over the place. it’s complex and fun and weird and exactly the kind of experiment that small batch seasonal things should be.





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