beer review! : Crooked Stave Nightmare on Brett

the last of the three sours i got today! one and two can be found here. this one is dark and spOoOoOoky and exactly everything i love.

from Crooked Stave in Colorado, the bottle describes it as

A demonic dark sour, Nightmare on Brett takes on many facets during its transformation to the sour side. Dominated by dark fruit aromas and flavors, the underlying cacao notes meld with an acidic tart berry finish.

it’s seriously dark with a slight head. it poured very silkily which might explain the (lack of) head and i don’t expect a lot of effervescence from it.

slight coffee notes on the nose followed by dark fruit sweetness and then a nice, full sourness to round it out. this is a very lovely, rich beer that feels appropriately late summer/early fall, and it would even work very well for a winter solstice celebration. i can imagine biting into some ripe blackberries every time i take a sip. i think on the whole this might be my favorite sour of the day, even though the other two were still very tasty and interesting. this one just hits all the various notes i like i guess. i’m very happy 🙂


beer review! : Brooklyn Brewery Kiwi’s Playhouse

sour number two! this one’s got kiwi! (my review of sour number one is here)

here’s the whole description from Brooklyn Brewery, which i should note says that this is better than rosĂ©. truly a bold claim so we’ll see how it holds up

The kiwi fruit is a very odd thing indeed. It’s sweet, tart, playful….but also brown, furry, and supernatural green on the inside. Frankly, the kiwi is altogether weird, but it’s also pretty delicious. Did we go there? We sure did, by peeling an entire pallet-full of ripe fresh kiwi fruit and adding it to a finely tuned sour beer in red wine barrels for a few months. We blended this with another beer that’s spent over a year in barrels to add extra complexity, and then re-fermented it all in the bottle.

The result is Kiwi’s Playhouse, a strong, playful beer with a distinctly tart edge. Kiwi’s Playhouse sports a bright palate that’s dry, full of tropical fruit and more delicious than eye-watering. It’s great with everything you want to eat this summer – barbecue, fish tacos, seafood, salads, goat cheeses. Forget the rosĂ© and get yourself into Kiwi’s Playhouse. Trust us – it’s more fun in here.

it starts with a pretty mild nose with no particular flavors jumping out, and a nice fluffy head that hangs around a while. straight sour at the front and then a light fruitiness. if you didn’t know it was kiwi i doubt most drinkers would be able to pinpoint the specific fruit, although it is meaningfully different from citrus or berry-oriented sours. while the sourness up front is very tart and sharp, it also has a second-stage sourness that’s drier and little more vegetal. i didn’t love the first few sips but this one is growing on me as the complexity comes out. i’ve not had many of Brooklyn’s more experimental beers so this one is a pleasant surprise, particularly as it’s an extremely drinkable 9% ABV.

all that said, this wouldn’t be replacing my rosĂ© anytime soon, though i can see it being very delicious with some fish tacos. 4.5/5

beer review! : Cambridge Brewing Company Hendrix Sour Ale

the first of the sours i got from BEER TOWN! this one is from Cambridge Brewing Company in Massachusetts, made with cucumbers and aged in gin barrels.


it has an interesting toasted wheat color and a lot of cucumber on the nose, with a creamy-looking head that disappears rather quickly, giving way to effervescence. it starts with some BIG cucumber fruitiness and then a moderate sourness augmented by the effervescence. this is a wonderful summertime drink. this could easily replace a pimm’s cup for your garden party drinking needs. 4.5/5