beer review! : Crooked Stave Nightmare on Brett

the last of the three sours i got today! one and two can be found here. this one is dark and spOoOoOoky and exactly everything i love.

from Crooked Stave in Colorado, the bottle describes it as

A demonic dark sour, Nightmare on Brett takes on many facets during its transformation to the sour side. Dominated by dark fruit aromas and flavors, the underlying cacao notes meld with an acidic tart berry finish.

it’s seriously dark with a slight head. it poured very silkily which might explain the (lack of) head and i don’t expect a lot of effervescence from it.

slight coffee notes on the nose followed by dark fruit sweetness and then a nice, full sourness to round it out. this is a very lovely, rich beer that feels appropriately late summer/early fall, and it would even work very well for a winter solstice celebration. i can imagine biting into some ripe blackberries every time i take a sip. i think on the whole this might be my favorite sour of the day, even though the other two were still very tasty and interesting. this one just hits all the various notes i like i guess. i’m very happy 🙂


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