Ages of Decay

The prose portion of LaZerBear Market is a collection of short stories (grouped into eight books) collectively titled Ages of Decay. Made up of two trilogies and a pair of bookends, Ages of Decay is an alternate history of the planet Earth.

TERROR on the Silent Slopes

Presenting for the first time ever, the lost last chapter of the RONNIE RACE saga, unpublished in his lifetime! THRILL at the story of Ronnie’s last ride on his quicksilver skis! MARVEL at the untold tale of the diplomatic incident high in the Himalayas! TREMBLE at the fate of Ronnie’s best pal JET TURGID! BE ASSURED that this is a book of high quality! Read an excerpt here!

MURDER at the Maintown Museum

UH-OH! There’s something lurking in Maintown Museum, and it’s not just the security guard! WHAT was in the small box with no return address? WHO was singing show tunes in the shadows? WHY would someone want to kill the Archbishop? Maintown Newspaper’s hard-hitting teen journalist DAISY KAINE is on the case, but can she solve the mystery of the missing mummy before MURDER makes more mischief?! Find the answers in this thrilling crossover between AMERICAN ALL-STAR and the well-loved Meatpacking Murder Mysteries!


it’s werewolves but they have the munchies so they’re extra hungry. Read an excerpt here!

Fall of the Thunder Lizards

An ancient enemy. A forgotten battle. Revenge served half a century too late… When the newest recruit to the RAF’s Thunder Lizards crash lands in the countryside of occupied France, he uncovers something that could change the course of the war, and the world, forever. Racing to disrupt this latest Nazi experiment, the flying dinosaur finds his true enemy has escaped. Decades later the hunt is on again, as an old soldier finds himself on one last mission, to stop the impossible foe that eluded him so many years ago. Read an excerpt here!

COPS!: Shot in the Face

Hey buddy, whadja expect? It’s right there on the label! BLAM!

IRON SQUALL: A Gringo McGarp Thriller

In this terrifying coming-of-age drama, teen Rick experiences the happiness and heartbreak of the sports world as he tries to follow his dreams of becoming a professional night soil player. When Rick goes missing just after graduation, the case is taken up by his distant uncle Randy ‘Gringo’ McGarp, head of security for the Queen’s Bouffant, flagship of the second-largest north Florida cruise line. Exploding from the main streets of small town America to the shining stadiums of the country’s capital, IRON SQUALL blows the face off the thriller genre.


DEVIL reveals the secret prehistory of magic in the world and the bloody path it took to the present day. RECOIL at the horror of ancient Man’s first vision! WONDER at the cruel genius of the boy that became king! FEAR the miracle of death-from-life! FEAST on the fascinating victuals of the tales within!

futurepop: A Vision of Tomorrow

BEHOLD this terrifying true history of the future, found in a cosmic bottle on some distant chrono-shore! BEWARE! Those tied too closely to their pitiful linear existence cannot handle the levels of mind-bending imaginationism in these stories! Only for the bravest of sci-fi explorers, futurepop will send you to the farthest reaches of human perception and beyond!