beer review! : Fierce Beer Tart Night Sour Black IPA

muahahahaha time for another sour! i love sours! i have the palate of a child!

for reals tho sours and goses are on the whole my favorite kind of beer, (followed by stouts and porters) so i was very excited to find this, which is a sour black ipa combining sour brightness with some demon blood colored abyssal liquid.

according to the label,

‘Tart Night’ is a great take on our regular Black IPA ‘Night Shift’, which we kettle soured before throwing a massive haul of dry hops in. Roasty, juicy, hoppy, sour – it can’t possibly work… Can it?


fun fact: the website says it’s 6.5% ABV but the can i got says 7.0%.

also here’s some more marketing copy about Fierce Beer:


so on to the actual review, which i wrote in realtime as i drank it:

ahhhhhhhh this beer is so weird! it’s like sour licorice and blackberries or something! i love it but probably could not have more than like one a month because the combination is just so odd. i feel like it would be nice to try with a steak but i honestly can’t imagine what kind of preparation would work best because this beer is all over the place. it’s complex and fun and weird and exactly the kind of experiment that small batch seasonal things should be.





wine review World Cup semi-final edition! : 2016 Tesco Beaujolais

for the second of my France vs. Belgium drinks, i got some Beaujolais. i actually wanted rosé but the little Tesco only had Italian or British ones.

the label describes it as ‘soft and light bodied’,

A vibrant red wine with bright and juicy flavours of red cherry and red currant. Goes with cured meats and cheeses.


to start it’s kind of boozy on the first nose but with a jammy redcurrant note that’s very nice. it’s full and juicy with a tiny bit of spice, and overall i like it a lot, though i wouldn’t call it soft or light bodied exactly.

i’m having it with a turkey shepherd’s pie type thing which is kind of perfect, as i think it might not be dry enough to do well with steak or something like that. overall it’s very tasty and i’ll definitely get it again especially since it only costs £5.25. 4.5/5

semi-relatedly, i only learned the other day, while watching Richard Osman’s House of Games, that Beaujolais is different from Beaujolais Nouveau, which makes sense but i think until now i’d only ever had Beaujolais Nouveau and kind of just assumed they were both the same. learning is fun!

beer review World Cup semi-final edition! : Westmalle Trappist Dubbel

in honor of France vs. Belgium today i decided to have some appropriate drinks and first up is some Belgian beer!

according to the label,

This dark reddish Dubbel is brewed within the walls of a Trappist abbey on a small scale under the supervision of the monks. The income is used for their daily life and to maintain the Abbey. A major share of the profits is donated to charities. This living beer ferments again in the bottle. Store the bottle in an upright position. Serve at 8 to 14 C, carefully pouring from the bottle to a glass and leaving the yeast behind in the bottom of the bottle. You may wish to taste the yeast separately.


this beer has a nice fluffy head, and tastes kind of sweet almost like dark sour cherries. i was a teeny bit worried it would be overly sweet b/c in my experience dubbels are sometimes a little too cloying but this is a nice balance for the alcohol percentage.

i did what the bottle said and tried the yeast separately, or at least, i poured the last little bit into a separate glass and tried it on its own. it was definitely different than the rest of the beer, a little drier and vegetal with less of the sour cherry notes.


anyways, i like this beer! it’s not my favorite, and wouldn’t replace a proper sour (or porter or stout if i want dark beer) but it is pleasant and i guess if you are inclined to like dubbels already then i’d recommend this one? 4/5 although i probably won’t be getting it too often

Gipsy Hill Moxie Spring Sour

Sour nose, fruity but not sickly, delicious and extremely weather appropriate (omg i love it). The apricot is wonderful and reminds me of a lambic but not nearly as cloying. I’m honestly kind of amazed at how rich and apricot-y the scent is. Like it’s not apricot flavor it’s just actual apricots somehow. Definitely gonna get it again, and also try all the other seasons when I can 🙂


Brewdog VS Fierce Beer Very Big Moose Imperial Stout

Fruity chocolate nose; boozy almost savory front, nice and heavy like a slightly turpentine sticky toffee pudding. The label says cinnamon but I’m not 100% in agreement. Like there is definitely a spice note but it’s not sharp or with any heat really because the texture and rest of it is so thick. As far as imperial stouts go it’s spot on, with the perfect balance of heavy dark death and enough booze to trick you into feeling light on your feet. I’d serve this in a double pint stein if I wanted to obliterate my friends.