beer review!: Tiny Rebel Gin and Juice Botanical Pale Ale

oh god i bought this before i saw the explanation/ad copy on the website:

The hip hop world has given us loads of ideas, so we thought it was only right we beerify the most famous cocktail rap has given the world.

Gin & Juice is a beer that combines the classic pale ale style, the rich, aromatic notes of gin botanicals and sweet fruit flavours that provide the juice for this party.

Bucket loads of juniper berries, citrus peel and aromatic spices give the beer a delicious, dry note, which is balanced out by the juicy fruit flavours from some punchy hops. It’s like an afterparty in your mouth!

Laid back!

‘given us’ sure does a lot of work considering how appropriation works! i just, ok, whatever, there’s so much going on in that i’ll just let it hang there like the embarrassment aneurysm it just gave me. anyways, Laid back!


as for the actual beer, it’s not terrible! i probably wouldn’t get it again because it’s not really my cup of tea but the gin and juice (mostly orange) do come through, and it’s not too hoppy. or, the hops that are there work with the gin botanicals to give it kind of a grassy backbone for the sweet/juiciness to come and go on. the only downside is what the description above calls ‘aromatic spices’ because it reminds me too much of halloween-time pumpkin beers. 4/5 for the effort and complexity even tho it’s not really for me


The Poisoned Earl (Recipe)

this is maybe the only one i actually have a photo of, because i made it up well after i had stopped working at a bar and actually bothered to take the time to pose it. it’s very boozy and fairly sharp so it’s definitely not for everyone, but i like it as a kind of aggressive aperitif.

The Poisoned Earl
1 sugar cube
3 dashes Angostura bitters


¼ oz. double-strength Earl Grey tea (cold)
1 oz. grappa
1 ¼ oz. gin

[stir with ice]

Strain into a double old-fashioned glass
Garnish with a dried lemon wheel/slice

if it’s too sharp, add a big fancy hand-cut ice cube.

Lemon Meringue Gin Fizz Royale (Recipe)

this is one of my favorite drinks to make for people because it seems way more elaborate than it really is and it’s balanced enough that even people who claim to not like gin, sweet drinks, or egg white drinks generally still end up enjoying it. it’s also fine without the lemon bitters, orange flower water, St. Germain, or the ‘royale’ part, but if you’re gonna make it you might as well include the boozy bubbles at the very least just to make it extra fun 🥂

Lemon Meringue Gin Fizz Royale 
1 oz. lemon juice
1 dash lemon bitters
2 drops orange flower water
½ oz. vanilla bean syrup
2 oz. gin
1 egg white


Rinse a single old-fashioned glass with St. Germain

[shake with ice]

Strain into glass
Top with champagne
Garnish with a Peychaud’s bitters design

for a simpler recipe that doesn’t require the St. Germain, just add ¾ oz. of vanilla bean syrup instead of ½. eventually i’ll post a recipe for the syrup but really it’s dead simple so you could probably figure it out on your own. 

[image By Scott Akerman –, CC BY 2.0]